The Science of Happiness

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60 min
Group Class

Want more happiness? Stuck with less happiness than you want? Join us for some practical ways that the science says you can take steps to build your happiness.

What you'll learn

We all want happiness in life. But we also can find it very elusive as life can often hit us with circumstances that don't make us happy. So is it possible to build and grow more happiness in spite of your circumstances? All the science says that...YES YOU CAN!

You will learn:

1. Why circumstances do not have much power over your happiness
2. How intentional choices are the key to building happiness
3. How to overcome the "unhappiness" mindset
4. 10 practical ways that you can have m... 
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What to bring

A love for learning and a desire to build on your happiness.
Group sessionUp to 500 seats
Group sessionUp to 500 seats

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Dennis Eisenbarth

Your teacher

Dennis loves the business of training. He is passionate about encouraging change in other people. Dennis enjoys bringing fun into training, and says that training should never be boring. He always encourages an interactive and dynamic training environment. Dennis has worked as a trainer and coach for the past 25 years. He lives in Alberta, Canada.

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