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    Amphy is a very user-friendly platform. For Learners, it provides a wide range of up-to-date educational sessions by well-qualified instructors. For Education Providers, the platform performs better than a fully equipped and staffed back office. The Amphy team is exceptionally supportive, friendly, and prompt. I am highly satisfied both as one of Amphy's presenters and also one of the students. I highly recommend Amphy.

    Moe L.

    13 months ago

    If you're looking for an opportunity to learn something new, Amphy is a great developing platform to try different online classes from language courses to yoga sessions and acting. Diversity of subjects is something I really like about Amphy, and this is the thing that sets them apart. Also, I found an amazing French teacher Yuliya there.

    Julia R.

    15 months ago

    I signed up for a programming course. I have always wanted to learn the Python language. I know several programming languages: Delphi, C++ and Java but one more language would not hurt me. The first 3 lessons went well. The teacher is well versed in programming he has work experience and you can really learn a lot from him.

    Crosetta S.

    12 months ago

    Amphy not only has complimentary classes but actual in-depth courses to select as well. It has a lot of classes so finding something useful to engage with and learn from is super easy. In addition it is great for booking class notifications. Always reminds me when I've booked a course so I'm on point with following the program.

    Jared S.

    14 months ago

    I have been able to take several classes on Amphy which have allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and learn new skills. So far I have learned much about healthy eating and incorporated this into my lifestyle day to day.

    Paulina D.

    24 months ago

    Love Amphy! I've have the pleasure of teaching on the platform and I plan to take some classes as well. There is literally a niche for everyone and if you're into learning new skills and meeting new people, you'll love it. The classes are affordable and you can connect with people from all over the world.

    Shantelle C.

    18 months ago

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