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“I taught my first online class as a once off 1-on-1 . The student loved it so much she brought 5 friends for the next class. Soon I was teaching groups every night of the week ”

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“My favourite part of my work is connecting with my students. But I hated spending hours traveling between houses and studios to see them. Teaching online has totally changed my life.”

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“I used to be limited to teaching students within a few miles from my home. Now I can teach anyone, anywhere, as long as they have a computer and internet connection. It’s incredible. ”

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Frequently asked questions

Who can teach on Amphy?

Amphy is a place for professionals to expand themselves online. To teach on Amphy you need to be a professional teacher with experience teaching online.

Do you offer any resources for teachers?

Yes! We offer resources like our Teacher’s Lounge that will guide you from setup to success, our Teacher’s Guide and our Teacher’s Blog. We’re also available for any questions at teacher-support@amphy.com.

What can I teach?

Currently we offer Yoga, Personal Training, Meditation, Cooking, Baking, Spanish Language, English Language, Japanese Language, American Sign Language, Stock Investment and Painting & Drawing Classes.

What equipment do I need?

To start teaching you’ll need high-speed internet connection, a video/webcam and microphone. These are normally built into standard laptops and cellphones

How much does it cost?

Amphy is totally free to join. After you have set your prices and your class has
been booked, a 15% commission on the class price is charged.

Can I bring my existing students?

Yes you can! As an Amphy Instructor you get a unique instructor page as well as unique class pages. You can share this link and it will direct to you.

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