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60 min
Private Course

Stop OVERTHINKING & Neutralize High-Functioning ANXIETY in 90 Days

What you'll learn

ATTENTION: Corporate Remote Workers & Digital Nomads

--> What if you could neutralize high-functioning anxiety
and stop overthinking in as little as 90 days?

--> How would your life change if you could easily gain
control of your time, energy and emotions without
sacrificing productivity OR investing in years of therapy?



Stop Overthinking & Neutralize High-functioning Anxiety in 90 Days.

What if you... 
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What to bring

Notebook, pen, good audio/video connection.
> Select Bi-Weekly Dates / Times (5 Session Hours Total)
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Private sessionUp to 1 seats
Private sessionUp to 1 seats

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Learn ,, with Kat C | Amphy
This account is verified by The Amphy Team for meeting quality standards of excellence.

Kat Clarion

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Hi! I'm Kat. I've been working as a Corporate Life Coach for the last couple years, and I've noticed that ANXIETY & OVERTHINKING are a huge source of frustration & burnout. That's why I've created my signature 1-on-1 transformational coaching program: REMOTE LIFE RESET Stop Overthinking & Neutralize High-functioning Anxiety in 90 Days. This is a 3 month program which requires a personal commitment to bi-weekly sessions via Zoom (6 total session hours). This program was designed with remote workers in mind, but the skills & practices learned will work for anyone! It could be for YOU if you are ready to take charge of your anxiety and learn to powerfully regulate your thoughts and emotions - regaining control over your time, and shutting down the noise in your head! COACHING CLIENT TESTIMONIALS "In just one hour of Emotional Fitness® with Kat, I was able to make a decision that doubled my income." "Kat offers some of the most effective therapy I have encountered in almost 3 decades of my life." "I've worked with top-level coaches, NLP practitioners and hypnotherapists. My session with Kat was definitely one of the best experiences and most impactful sessions I have done." "We started talking about productivity, and it became something much more profound. Kat helped me understand what's really important to me. My expectations were not only met - but exceeded." "Kat really was able to shed light on my real motivational drive. I did not know what to expect but was blown away with how much I got out of it." "I like how each session builds on the last. In the past, I've gone to counselling where it's just relaying my week and how I'm feeling. With Kat, I feel like each time we are building onto something and doing the work to help me grow." "GOOD TECHNIQUES for managing emotions and I've used some of those after our call with GREAT SUCCESS." "I find my sessions to be both fun and also productive. Kat makes it feel like two friends talking over coffee." "Kat is a great coach. Very engaging and an absolute joy to speak to." "Kat is wonderful. I always feel so much better at the end of the session and wondering why I didn't book one sooner." "Kat knows when to just listen and when to prompt, but never in a leading manner. She sets you up for success and self realization in a patient and kind way, and is willing to listen and help guide you through the hard stuff!" "Her ability to listen intuitively and get to the root of the problem is amazing. I am feeling calm and focused as I move forward with my health plan." "Frankly, I'm grateful and amazed at Kat's ability to put everything aside to be so present and responsive. It definitely seems like second nature." "Kat has such a calm and unassuming presence that you don't realize comes with a powerful message. She is able to see through emotions or confusion and provide such clarity and optimism. I am already looking forward to another session with her." "One of the best ways for me to self-reflect. Kat is amazing! Coaching is not as easy as just listening. She really has this gift that can bless everyone."

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