Basic chess: Group Lesson 2 Students at Least

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60 min
Group Class

Introductory group chess lesson where I want to introduce my students to the magic of the chess world. Learn to play chess. Learn how to win chess and become a grandmaster. Join my chess for beginners live class to improve your skills.

What you'll learn

In this group class, we will learn chess for beginners. We'll practice playing, learn strategies, and how to win chess. Every great story has a start, let this be your start to becoming a chess grandmaster. To be the best you have to train like the best. Join this class to improve your playing in a systematic way so you can reach your goals as a player.

To learn chess for beginners you'll start with the rules of chess. Every piece has a set of moves it can make. To play the game you ... 
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What to bring

Nothing special.
A sharp mind and positive attitude.
Group sessionUp to 5 seats
Group sessionUp to 5 seats

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This account is verified by The Amphy Team for meeting quality standards of excellence.

Nikola Nestorovic

Your teacher

Achieving the title of Grandmaster that I managed in 2016 is the proudest moment of my chess career! I will point out my best playing performance so far in which I managed to secure a second Grandmaster norm in the chess league in Sarajevo. With the performance of 2770, I managed to achieve my second norm after just 6 rounds. As a valuable aspect of my career, I would like to mention playing for various teams all across Europe, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Montenegro, Bosnia, and of course Serbia. I would also like to point out my performance for SK: Augsburg in the First League of Germany (Bundesliga) and draw with black against GM Rapport!

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