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Your Fitness Training Teacher

Hello! My name is Holly, and my goal is to help as many people as possible to be active, fit, healthy and strong. Whether your goal is gain muscle, lose fat, get stronger, get faster, do better at a sport, just get active enough to be able to play with your children or grandchildren, reduce pain from injury, or learn some taekwondo, I am here to help you achieve it. I work with people from a variety of ages (5yrs +), genders, races, sexualities, religions, and bodily abilities. When I am not working or training, I am an avid reader, and outdoor enthusiast. I also love to play soccer, snowboard, do taekwondo, and run or hike.

Learning Fitness training with Holly P | Amphy

My background & experience

I initially studied education, receiving a BA Specialization in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Combining my love for athletics with my passion for teaching, I became a certified personal trainer, with additional certifications in corrective conditioning, and nutrition coaching. I also have my black belt 4th dan in taekwondo, which I competed in for many years, earning gold at several national championships, and title of 8th in the world in my weight class. I have been a personal trainer for nearly 5 years, with experience training people from ages 5-75. I have trained a myriad of people, including athletes such as martial artists, mountain bikers, marathon runners, and water polo players. I have also had a lot of experience training people with chronic illness or injury, such as type I and type II diabetes, autoimmune disorders, spina bifida, disc herniations, knee ligament tears, and organ transplant recipients. Additionally, I have been practicing taekwondo for over 20 years, and teaching for roughly 10 years. I have taught participants of all ages (youngest 3yrs +), and am adept at adapting my classes for all skill and age levels. From combat strategy to learning basic kicks, I try and find the most effective teaching strategy for each and every one of my students' individual needs.
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My classes and teaching style

I offer the following types of classes: - Private Training Sessions (8yrs +) - Taekwondo Private Lessons (5yrs +) - Kids Taekwondo Classes (5-12yrs) - Teen Taekwondo Classes (13-17yrs) - Adult Taekwondo Classes (18yrs +) What is unique about my teaching style, is that not only do I have certifications in personal training and taekwondo, but I have a BA Specialization in teaching as well. I understand that every individual has their own learning style, and that it is my job to teach in a way that allows each individual to thrive and excel. I find creative ways and mental pictures to break down each movement, in a way that makes them simple to understand and execute.

My certifications

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Certified Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition (PN-1), Black Belt 4th Dan in Taekwondo, Taekwondo Canadian National Champion

My student reviews

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    I was alright. Not too good

    2 out of 5