Josh S
Josh S
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I have been producing music for nearly a decade, most recently under the moniker "Kh3rtis" through which I have established 3 EPs and an LP, along with a record label and radio network. I have collected a number of credits for TV and Film. I am fully versed in the current industry standards and it my job to keep this information up-to-date with my clients.

My background & experience

Discography (Selected) Astrolabe (2019) Ebbs, Flows & Solos (2020) Ngoc Ha Noises (2020) Psychonautic (w/Cpektir) (2020) Filmography "Goodnight City Radio" (2020) - Original Sound design "One Year On" (2020) - with Vietnam News "Nghe Doc" (2021) - Original Sound design

My classes and teaching style

I am careful to not throw confusing terms and industry jargon your way. I cut through the mystical methods and explain in a simple-to-understand manner