Lina M
Lina M
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Hey, I am Lina M, Yoga instructor. I finished 200 hours of multi style YOGA TEACHER TRAINING in Salamba Yoga Studio. I started practicing Yoga while traveling in east Asia. While I was traveling in India I've noticed that people around me are very at ease and calm, I wondered why? One of the answer that I got is that they are content with their body and soul. So I decided to try a Yoga beginners class and then I realized that I find this practice more then just "workout", it's a Lifestyle, a lifestyle that I adopted and live every day from that day.

My background & experience

200 hours of multi style yoga training, 1.5 years of private and group Ashtanga yoga and vinyasa Yoga(face to face) instructing .

My classes and teaching style

Multi style yoga classes combined with Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.

My certifications

Salamba Yoga 200 Hours Multi Style YOGA TEACHER TRAINING.