Matteo S
Matteo S
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I am a curious person. I am fascinated by the linguistic, literary and didactic fields. Great musical ear. Passionate sportsman and dedicated runner. I write poems and I play electric bass guitar and guitar.

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My background & experience

I completed my Masters studies in 2019, when I obtained the Degree in European and Extra-european Languages and Literatures. I teach since I am 21, at the beginning it was only to help younger people with homeworks, but now that I'm graduated I do it as my full time job. During my university carreer I obtained also a certificate, called "FOR 24", useful to teach here in Italy.
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My classes and teaching style

I teach online, I have students from different countries and I'm happy to learn everyday something new about different cultures. I use to ask for a little test to every students, just to understand better your experience, then i begin with tools like pdfs, videos, images, music, and everything that can be suitable for the specific class.

My certifications

FOR 24