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I am obsessed with health and fitness and the many amazing physical and mental benefits it can bring to someone’s life. I have first – hand experience of the huge difference a fitness journey can make and wish to help others transform and reach their desired goals! Whether you want to lose weight, tone up/gain muscle mass, get stronger, get fitter and healthier or just to boost your body confidence I am here to fully support you on your journey and give as much care and assistance as you need!

My student reviews

  • Diana F

    Thank you for the short and sweet class. I felt really good afterwards and I loved how we worked all the core muscles :). See you soon!

  • Mireille N

    A challenging half an hour! Ben explains well how core strength is so important and touches on the different parts of our core. Thanks Ben!

  • Costanza C

    I liked this workout. It's not easy. Not easy for me at least. That's why I liked it. Clear explanation of all the exercises