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Hello everyone, I'm Justin. πŸ˜ƒ Nice to meet you. I love travelling, sports, hiking, reading, singing and calligraphy, etc. I love learning languages. One motto I always bear in my mind is "To do things right, first you need love, then technique." Antonio Gaudi.

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My background & experience

I taught students Cantonese one-to-one on online language learning platforms for more than 200 lessons. I would feel proud if I saw my students making progress. Another reason is the cultural & knowledge exchange. I believe that my students will not only learn from me, but I will also learn from them. So, this gives me the motivation to teach people Cantonese.
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My classes and teaching style

I would like to help students to learn Cantonese in a fun, relaxed and flexible way. My classes will be suited to suit your particular learning needs & goals. ✍ Speaking practice ✍ Pronunciation ✍ Slang, colloquialisms and idioms, etc. ✍ Common Cantonese sentence structures ✍ Business Cantonese ..........

My certifications

MA in Language Studies (General Linguistics)