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I am currently a Software Engineering Manager in the Hi-Tech industry & a Chess Enthusiast for over 30 years! Apart from Chess, my creative interests include Photography & Videography. Instagram: @aksubram

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My background & experience

In 2018, I became an ACO World Amateur Champion, by winning ACO World Chess Championship event at Greece in the 1600-1800 category despite being an Unrated player amongst ~80 rated players from 16 countries with a rating performance of 1991. These 2 Chessbase India articles & YouTube video interview covers my background/experience in much greater detail. 1) 2) 3)
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My classes and teaching style

My chess knowledge & experience is primarily based on the self-study of several books, courses & playing nearly 15000 games online (my average Chess Blitz/Rapid rating across various platforms is ~2000). In my Amphy classes, my focus would be on sharing my learnings/experience in developing a structured thinking system that can be applied to find strong moves quickly! I believe this foundational knowledge on building & nurturing a structured chess thinking system would help significantly improve your chess to win games/tournaments. We will discuss training resources, build a training plan & will also share my expertise in selecting & using Chess software (in my advanced class) for your chess training.