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Teodora I
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My name is Teodora. I come from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. I graduated from the University of Belgrade and hold an MA degree in Classics. Likewise, I have a TEFL certificate as well as a Cambridge C2 Proficiency in English (CPE). Ever since I finished my MA in 2015, I started teaching. For some time, I taught Latin in Belgrade grammar schools, but I soon discovered the benefits of online teaching and turned entirely to this growing field.

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My background & experience

I have been teaching Latin, Ancient Greek, Serbian, and ESL online for four years now. Teaching online enabled me to meet people from all over the world and share my knowledge with them, and more importantly, share my major principle of how important ancient languages are for our modern education. I have experience in teaching students from all age groups, my youngest student being a girl of four.
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My classes and teaching style

As for my teaching method, I put a lot of effort in creating lessons adapted to the online environment. This means that I provide my students with all necessary lesson materials. All my lessons are stored on my website where students can review them, practice, learn vocabulary, or do quizzes. Likewise, the lessons are adapted to students’ age, interests, and needs. Furthermore, I do not teach languages only, but also Classical civilization, mythology, literature, and history giving my students a broader knowledge of the period and its influence on modern world as well.

My certifications

BA University Diploma, MA University Diploma, CPE, TEFL