Leoni J
Leoni J
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I’m an ACE Level 3 internationally certified personal trainer, dedicated to helping a diversity of clients make positive changes in their personal wellbeing. I also hold a Level 3 qualification in mat Pilates, and a diploma in fitness nutrition. My years of experience working within the fitness industry has taught me how to effectively work with a diversity of clients.

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My background & experience

My experience includes teaching groups in international studios and co-working environments, as well as leading outdoor group and online classes, and tailored adaptable one-on-one training programs.
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My classes and teaching style

My workout styles range from high-intensity interval training, cardio circuits, and dynamic mobility stretches, to functional & strength routines incorporating core-centric exercises – enhancing the quality of movement in everyday life.

My certifications

ACE Level 3 Personal Trainer ACE Functional Specialist Train Fitness Level 3 Mat Pilates ACE Nutrition Coach