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Hi! My name is Clara and I'm a Personal Trainer based in London. I’ve always been obsessed with sports – I cycle, run, play table tennis and love to go snowboarding in winter. My two biggest passions, however, have always been horse riding and, of course, fitness. After a few years in the communications sector, I realised that this was not the right career path for me. I needed a more active job, a job where I could directly engage with people on a daily basis and make a real difference to their lives. Becoming a Personal Trainer was therefore a natural step for me. I wanted to learn more about health and fitness, share my fitness journey and passion for exercise with others and help others achieve their fitness goals. I first started working out with my best friend when I was 15 years old – needless to say, I had no idea what I was doing and it’s taken me a while to get where I am now – and I’m still learning! During my first few years I did what you might call the “typical” things someone new to fitness might do: lots of resistance machines, lots of abs, a bit of cardio. I didn’t set myself any goals, didn’t care about nutrition and just went to the gym to keep fit (which is a good reason!) At university, two friends of mine introduced me to strength training, which is still my favourite way to train! This was also when I started setting myself real fitness goals and adjusted my nutrition and eating habits. A few years ago, then, I hit a plateau – I wasn’t lacking motivation and still worked out as before, but I didn’t progress. So I got a Personal Trainer to help me get back on track, switch up my routine and challenge myself again. It was super inspiring and showed me the benefits of training with a PT. This was in fact one of my reasons for becoming a PT myself – I know firsthand what an amazing impact a PT can have on your life! As a PT, it is my aim to have the same positive impact on other people’s lives.

My background & experience

Several years of experience training people online and face-to-face in the gym, at home and outdoors. I can help with: general fitness, weight Loss and nutrition tips, muscle and strength gain, cardiovascular fitness, goal setting and motivation, programme design, and equestrian fitness (I previously worked as a Horse Riding Instructor). I have helped clients with goals as diverse as weight loss, strength gain and running - we'll figure out your goals together and create a fitness routine that works for you and that will help you achieve those goals! Check out my website for more:

My classes and teaching style

My classes are designed to make you healthier, stronger and more confident! I want to help you find out what fitness means to you and how it can help you create a better life for yourselves. I know that everyone has different lives, schedules and goals. I want to help you create a fitness routine that works for you – one that is fun yet challenging and fits with your other commitments at the same time. I want to share my passion for and knowledge of fitness with you, help you work towards your goals and build those long term fitness habits and inspire a love for fitness. My classes and personal training sessions are for everyone who wants to make fitness part of their lives. I especially want to help women on their fitness journey and help them feel strong and confident!

My certifications

NCFE Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Focus Awards Level 3 Personal Trainer, BSc & MSc in History and International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
My classes
Personal Training
private class - 30 min
Personal Training
private class - 60 min
Lower Body HIIT
public class - 30 min

My student reviews

  • Shani L

    Clara is very professional and the training was great. She explained in details how to do the exercises and fixed me when I was doing something wrong.

  • Yossi E

    Great workout!

  • Kylie H

    Clara is an excellent coach. She was very motivating and caring and I can't wait to come back for another class!

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