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Mireille is a mom to 3 and owner and trainer at “Live it Fitness”. She has been offering small group-, personal -, and online training for the last 6+ years; and specializes in strength training for women. Her journey within the fitness industry started when she was postnatal and movement became a big coping-mechanisms when she struggled with postpartum anxiety. At that time, she found a lack of modifications and personalized attention to cater to multiple fitness levels in the classes she attended. Plus, the language and messaging in class around ‘always pushing it to your max’ and an over-focus on aesthetic related goals…made her gradually change her career as Social Worker to Fitness Biz owner. She strongly (pun intended ;)) believes that every woman should include some form of resistance training in her routines. Whether you are 30 or 60+! It is empowering, fun and incredibly motivating to see your strength improve; and plays a big role in keeping you safe in your daily life and other activities. Now and as you age. Besides strength training sessions, she provide online courses on Pelvic Floor Health (www.liveitfitnesscalgary.com). Mireille is on a mission to change the narrative around this topic from “Leaking upon impact is common and I need to accept it as such” to “It IS common, but NOT normal and you CAN do things to turn your symptoms around”. In her 4 week online course she provides women with knowledge, insight and practical strategies, to stop leaking through a full-body approach.

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My background & experience

6 years of in-person and online training, and 2 years of hosting online and in-person Pelvic Floor courses. Helping women build confidence and strength in- and outside of the gym!
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My classes and teaching style

Strength Training for women in ANY stage of their life, whether you are 30 or 60+! I offer modifications so that you can meet yourself where you’re currently at and safely challenge yourself to build up full body strength! I provide well-rounded, balanced out workouts that target your full body and focus on foundational and functional strength. You’ll leave feeling energized and empowered and excited for the next one! :)

My certifications

AFLCA, Pre-and Postnatal certification (Fit4Two). Social Work BA.

My student reviews

  • Clara B

    Great workout! Loved the class and learned a lot!

  • Clara B

    Really enjoyed the class with Mireille! She guided us through each exercise and shared lots of valuable information throughout! Great combination of exercises which made the workout both fun and challenging! Would definitely recommend and I look forward to attending another class. :)

  • Amber P

    Mireille's class are full of energy and enthusiasm. Great music and clear instructions. What a fantastic class! I will definitely register for another class again soon!!!!

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