Hip Opening & Releasing Emotion

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60 min
Group Class

In this dynamic vinyasa flow class on June 26th (9 AM PST), you will explore the relationship between your hips and emotions. Through hip-opening movements, you will explore your body and soul. Early Bird 30% Discount: Robin30

What you'll learn

In this live online yoga class, Robin Martin will teach you how to be more in control of your body, mind, and emotions. Our body parts store different emotions inside of them. These stored emotions can be released through various yoga poses for releasing emotions. This type of yoga is called vinyasa flow yoga and can be a powerful tool for your wellness. In this live stream, Robin Martin will lead you through yoga practice involving hip stretches, a large range of motion, yoga poses, a... 
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This class is perfect for

Yogis and athletes
Kids and Adults
Women and men
Anyone who feels stressed and needs a release
Anyone who wants to work on their body and mind
If you are interested in understanding the connection between your body and emotions/energy

What to bring

Yoga mat
Comfortable clothes for stretching
pillow or a bolster and two yoga blocks if you have (if not, it’s fine)
Group sessionUp to 500 seats
Group sessionUp to 500 seats

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This account is verified by The Amphy Team for meeting quality standards of excellence.

Robin Martin

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Robin Martin is a certified yoga teacher based in Seattle, WA. You can find her teaching locally in Seattle as well as teaching at events, festivals, and leading training retreats and workshops all over the world. Her main goal is to inspire you and help you rise to your highest potential. She loves to share with you the tools that she used in her journey to achieve her goals, so you can achieve yours as well. Robin enjoys traveling the world. Exploring new cultures has been a passion of hers since she was young. She has found a way to combine her love of yoga, healthful, conscious eating, and experiencing everything this amazing world has to offer. You can join her on one of her 7-day Yoga Retreats around the world!

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