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Ciao! My name is Ylenia and I am an Italian artist that loves to draw and paint! I also enjoy cooking Italian dishes! I can't wait to paint and cook with you!

My background & experience

Ylenia Mino was born at the foot of the Italian Alps in the small town of Ivrea. Since when Ylenia was little, she has had a significant interest in art. Every spare moment she had was dedicated to drawing or painting. During childhood she attended classes with an extraordinary Egyptian painter who specialized in oil painting. In the following years Ylenia also concentrated on classical studies such as Ancient Greek, Latin, Philosophy and History of Arts and graduated with a classical diploma. During this same time she developed a great passion for dance, acting, and singing. In March 2011 Ylenia debuted as a solo artist at the International Artexpo, New York. In the following years she exhibited world-wide in such places as Austria, London, Italy, Los Angeles, Canary Islands, New York, Ohio, Boston, Martha's Vineyard, and many more. She collaborates with art galleries, advise for art fairs, schools, universities, and the famous Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Ylenia has been interviewed for several radio and TV shows. Her paintings have also been featured in many newspapers as well as in magazines, such as i-Italy, Descubra New York, the New York Optimist Magazine, Southern Sass Magazine, the British art magazine Aesthetica, and City to Country Magazine. Her paintings have won competitions. Ylenia travels all around the world to show her creations. Currently she is based in Los Angeles, CA. In all her paintings there is a story. Many of her paintings evoke wonder and joy and a generally very optimistic attitude toward life. Her desire as an artist is to provide pieces of sky, nature that people can take home and continue to enjoy the peace emanating from them. Ylenia has been painting for over 24 years and her dream is to exhibit in all countries of the world.

My classes and teaching style

Because she believes in helping, encouraging and supporting people, Ylenia supports different charities, fundraising, and causes. Ylenia hopes this support will help to improve life conditions, give people a chance to develop their full potential and to reach their destiny in their society. As well, she desires that the creativity inside each person would be set free while she teaches painting classes and art workshops. Ylenia founded Paint for a Purpose that was born from the vision and the desire to empower individuals and business teams to release their inner creativity by creating customized, and fun social events. It is all about the PURPOSE of helping people bond and reach their goals. Paint for a Purpose allows people to unplug from the confines of the digital world and connect with the simple joy of creating something from nothing in a positive social environment.