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Your Personal Development Teacher

Sandy’s vast experience with educational principles and business technologies are complimented by her passion for floral design and artistic pursuits. A natural creative, her empathic nature uplifts all students, making learning journeys with her enjoyable and productive. Sandy enjoys sharing her knowledge and recognizes the value of the contributions of others to class discussions and activities. As a seasoned teacher with over 15 years of experience, and continuous learner herself, Sandy is continuously honing her craft. She warmly welcomes all those with a curious mindset.

Learning Personal development with Sandy M | Amphy

My background & experience

Helping people learn is an intrinsic part of my nature. As a youth I was called a “natural teacher.” I remember as early as third-grade being paired with a struggling classmate. It was natural that I would gravitate to instructional design and the benefits of educational technology for a career. As much as I love what computers have done to transform our lives, another side of me needs to create tangible art. 12 years ago I found my perfect passion path through floral design. Showcasing the principles and sharing inspiration through collaborative teaching experiences bring me much joy.
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My classes and teaching style

Your success and satisfaction are important to me. I enjoy sharing my expertise and appreciate the experiences others bring to my collaboratively-styled classes. Germane content is carefully developed in a clear voice for delivery during each class. Awareness of individual learner’s aspirations is an intrinsic part of my teaching method. Active listening and participant interaction support the evolution of customized experiences. My treasure trove of subject-matter knowledge is quite deep. Without drifting off-topic I can smoothly refocus the message from a low-proficiency “panning for gold” level to a high-functioning “laser-cutting gemstone” capability that strives to educate and maintain student engagement regardless of current ability. Q&A sessions are incorporated into every class resulting in unique and enriching exchanges. I have developed targeted computer proficiency programs for local employers and our county’s Workforce Development Program to uplift the skills and self-confidence of adult learners competing in today’s job market. I have also had the pleasure on numerous occasions to offer floral design classes through our local library system and at festival events.

My certifications

Certifications: - Instructional Design and Technology Certificate - Google I.Q.: Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite) - Microsoft Office Certification: Excel, Powerpoint, Word, and Outlook Associations: - Delaware Garden Exchange - LinkedIn: Flowers Supergroup!! - LinkedIn: uBloom Flower Community - LinkedIn: eLearning Industry - Florists of Facebook Awards - 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show Container Garden Winner - 2018 voted Cecil College Professional Development Division’s “Favorite Instructor”