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Namastay! I'm Reena and I have been cooking Indian Vegetarian food for a long time. Something I enjoy doing and trying new ways to incorporate the same ingredients and making it fun! I try to incorporate a lot that I learned from my grandmother, my mother, and then my husband as all had different style of cooking and different experiments that they did. It keeps things exciting and you learn more about how different spices and vegetables react to other ingredients.

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My background & experience

I have been cooking for over 20 years. My mother and grandmother have taught me a lot. I have also incorporated my husband's family cooking style. I then found my tricks to bring some mix and make it easier and fun. I don't like bland food or want to be in the kitchen all day especially with work, kids, and other errands that need to be run. This has allowed me to do a lot of experiments and to also see how I can use more variety of vegetables.
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My classes and teaching style

I like to make sure all the ingredients are in place before I start cooking and I like to have fun while cooking so it makes things easy and relaxing. What I like about Indian food is the vast choices in spices, ways of making dishes, and being able to mix and match. An example is to add spinach/potatoes/fenugreek with lentils to make dal curry.