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Your Guitar & Ukulele Teacher

I was born and raised in Serbia; Had this bond with music since I can remember; I am here to help you learn how to play, to develop your passion for music and to help you grow as an artist and a musician.

Learning Guitar & ukulele with Pavle K | Amphy

My background & experience

I started playing guitar when I was 15 years old At the age of 18 I joined a band, and at 19 I joined another band Then I started my classical guitar journey At 22 I started studying glassical guitar at the "Academy of Fine Arts" in Belgrade Got my
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My classes and teaching style

I belive that everybody is unique and special and therfore everybody needs that talior-made approach where learning guitar becomes fun, smooth, gradual and effective. If you are a total beginer I will help you discover your true passion and love for playing, or if you are a professional guitarist that needs just a couple of specific tweaks, I will help you overcome those so you can continue growing as a musician and artist.

My certifications

Musical Performer-Classical Guitarist Degree at Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade

My student reviews

  • Don Z

    Great lesson and very patient teacher ❤️

    5 out of 5

  • Don Z

    Pavle is a Great Teacher

    5 out of 5