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My background & experience

Natalie Anderson is the WINNER of CBS’s SURVIVOR season 29 and runner up on the all winners season ‘Survivor Winners at War’. She has also competed on the CBS reality competition series ‘The Amazing Race’ and MTVs ‘The Challenge’. On screen Natalie is known for her physical prowess, mental strength and fierce competitiveness. Over the years through hardships both mental and physical Natalie has harnessed skills to endure extreme mental and physical obstacles. Off screen Natalie is a CrossFit coach and personal trainer who is passionate about mental health, wellness and fitness. She is a twin sister and aunty.

My student reviews

  • Cindy C

    Great job. Natalie, you have a lovely gift of connecting. I am 69 years young, a fan of survivor. I watched with my strong & dear 26 y/o daughter. So flattered she asked me to join the zoom together & shared our takeaways after the closing. Congratulations on your new future plan. May you continue to grow together in love. Blessings, Cindy Craig (and Emily)

    5 out of 5

  • Candice B

    What a great time. Natalie is so energetic and insightful! She shared intimately how she had grown through many of her struggles. I loved the fun Q&A time where she was very open and encouraging! I would recommend this to any fitness seeker or Survivor fan. I hope to see more sessions with Nat.

    5 out of 5

  • nikki s

    This was a great experience! Natalie was so down to earth, inspiring and inclusive. She answered questions on various topics and provided great tips on becoming our best selves that I will use in daily life.

    5 out of 5

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