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Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Mignonette (pronounced min-yawn-net), a Los Angeles based home gardener! I call myself a garden evangelist, because I am enthusiastic about gardening and believe that everyone should know the basics of growing food! Let's learn as you grow!

My background & experience

I am a lifelong learner who enjoys coaching and sharing tips to enrich others. I wrote myself off as a hopeless brown thumb after failing at gardening time and time again. After several trial and error attempts and becoming a student of gardening, I finally found my stride! I was blessed to learn under the gracious tutelage of a master gardener who helped me to gain the confidence I needed to graduate to a green thumb and help others venture confidently into the garden.

My classes and teaching style

I teach gardening with an emphasis on organic edible gardening (growing food)! I like things simple, so I break things down so that they are easy to understand and apply!

My certifications

Growing Organic Food Sustainably Certification