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Finance Manager back in 2012. Now baking professionally since 4 years. Baking was a passion back then and used to bake for family and friends out of passion and love. Later realized the zeal and passion towards baking and started professionally. Currently working on orders exclusively and conducting workshops on the same.

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My background & experience

Check out my baking journey at My experiments are mostly on healthy baking and unique recipe creation. Exclusively eggless baking is my kind. Sometimes simple and sometimes complicated recipes evolve out from my kitchen.
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My classes and teaching style

Recipes evolving out of experiments. So come experiment with me and enjoy the baking, cake decorating journey packed with techniques you can master. Would love to go live on zoom, so come say Hi to my classes. After class support is extended.

My certifications

Have taken couple of classes but no certification with any baking school.
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My student reviews

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    5 out of 5