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Mage, NCTM Nationally Certified Teacher of Music •  Music flows through me like blood in my veins. Whether it be jazz, rock, metal, or more, I enjoy, perform, and write in a multitude of genres. I have been ambitious in writing and performing my whole life. In my early years I studied classical piano in the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). Through those RCM studies I entered my compositions in national songwriting contests and won second place in Canada Music Week. I attended university for music, immersing my life in my music passion. I obtained my Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies (Vancouver Island University) and went on to achieve my Master of Fine Arts in Music (California Institute of the Arts). I love teaching all ages. My instruments are guitar, piano, voice, and electric bass. I can also help you with home recording and song composition.

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My background & experience

I currently teach in both the music and commercial music departments at Antelope Valley College. I have also taught in a few elementary schools as well as a high school. I also teach privately in both one-on-one and group lessons. Some of my students are teachers!
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My classes and teaching style

I teach guitar, piano, electric bass, voice, songwriting/composition, audio recording, and music theory. My teaching style is based on this simple philosophy that I refer to as "the 3 Ps": Passion leads to Practice which creates Progress! Students who commence lessons should already have the "spark" for music! 😊

My certifications

CREDENTIALS AND AFFILIATIONS • Master of Fine Arts in Music Performance & Composition from • California Institute of the Arts • Bachelor of Jazz Music Studies from Vancouver Island University • Nationally Certified Teacher of Music and Member of the Music Teachers National Association • Apple Certified Macintosh Technician • Member of the American Federation of Musicians • Community Outreach for the Music Teachers’ Association of California, Antelope Valley Branch • Technology Chair for the California Association of Professional Music Teachers • Member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing • Member of the Association for Popular Music Education • Active Teaching Artist in the Ventura County Arts Council’s Artists in the Classroom program • Adjunct Faculty in the Music Department at Antelope Valley College • Member of the Palmdale Chamber of Commerce • Featured on MGR Music Tuition: