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Hi, my name is Liron and I am a theater director and drama teacher. I conduct improvisation workshops (development of improvisation skills) both individually and in groups

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My background & experience

I have two degrees in directing theater and rhetoric. I directed plays in Israel and worked for a time in France, where I taught theater and improvisation in various settings
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My classes and teaching style

I believe in theater as a tool and not as a goal, so my teaching style is also suitable for people who want to engage in the field but especially for those who are looking to develop their acting skills for life itself. In my workshops we will try to develop the improvisational abilities, that is, the unplanned acting skills, along with a search in the depths of the mind to understand what makes us act and respond to the environment in the way we act.

My certifications

Two degrees in directing theater and rhetoric Content writing and journalism studies, along with many workshops in Israel and abroad for the business sector and in schools for children and youth

My student reviews

  • olivier k

    Great first session she would almost make you feel Hebrew is easy.

    5 out of 5