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Your Mandarin Teacher

Hello, 大家好! I am a professional teacher and translator with Master Degree of Chinese language/ Mandarin from one of the Russian University. I am teaching from zero to advanced HSK exam levels. Teaching with passion and combination of knowledge and love to the subject.

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My background & experience

I was born in Germany, grown up and graduated from the University in Russia. I started visiting China for work since being University Student regularly, then I moved to China and stayed there about 5 years, teaching at the Harbin University 黑大 Russian language and working as Chinese-speaking specialist in many business projects; participate in several TV/ media projects.
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My classes and teaching style

As a non-native Mandarin speaker I know very well what problems the students are facing when learning Mandarin and what questions they will ask. I have answers and my method to teach Chinese is not a "repeat after me" way. I will show you that Chinese is a very logical and easy structured language. You will be able to start speaking basic Chinese only with in 10 hours of consecutive classes + homework. SPEAK MANDARIN IS MUCH EASIER THEN YOU THINK!