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Larissa, affectionally known as Larry, is Australia’s MasterChef winner for 2019, the youngest to ever win the series on Network

Learning Master series with Larissa D | Amphy

My background & experience

Always full of life, it was Larissa's unpretentious mix of confidence and tenacity that won the viewers and judges hearts. Born and raised in Sydney in a big Lebanese family, Larissa says her fondest memories of food start in her grandparent’s peach farm. Food is the key ingredient that bring her large family together. Starting the competition with her ‘PUDDLEcotta’ it was only up from there. Larissa initially focused on the sweet style of creativity, though as the competition progressed everything came together in all styles of dishes. The judges put some of her dishes amongst the best they had ever seen ‘Absolute perfectionists when it comes to combining flavours’ said Gary and ‘She is creative and she’s got that with spades, we’ve seen it week in week out’ said George. “I take a lot of risks, but I do know that most of the time it will work for me. It’s pretty much just backing yourself and trusting that you know this dish works, it’s not too out there.” These risks resulted in high praise coming from some of the world’s best chefs ‘Amazing, Amazing’ Massimo Bottura and ‘It brings you in and wraps you up’ Heston Blumenthal.

My student reviews

  • Brett B

    It was wonderful learning from Larissa. I learnt more in 1 class than I have learnt in years. Larissa is obviously an expert at her craft and shares her knowledge in a fun manner. Highly recommended and a wonderful opportunity. You will talk about your class with her for years. :-)

    5 out of 5

  • Lindi P

    Didn't know what to expect, I was sort of familiar with Zoom,will have to get more familiar with my unmute feature, because I'll for sure will be back

    5 out of 5