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Your English Teacher

Hello! My name is Kirsten-Jane but please call me Kirsty. I am a qualified teacher and I specialize in teaching students between the ages of 5 and 10. I am passionate about teaching and love helping my students to be successful. Some personal details about me... I love art, drama, and nature. I love hiking and paddleboarding, something I've only just started doing. I have a dog named Mocha and two cats named Jack and Flash. I hope to see you in my classroom soon so that I can get to know you!

My background & experience

I have been teaching for over ten years. Nine of those were spent teaching young students whose native language was not English. I developed a passion and love for teaching English as a second language. It is so rewarding to see a student have that lightbulb moment where they grasp what you are teaching them! I have a bachelor's degree in education as well as having completed a TEFL certification. In addition to these, I have completed a variety of workshops on how to assist students with different barriers to learning. I don't think that a teacher can ever stop learning how to better teach his or her students.

My classes and teaching style

I teach English as a second language to children. I try to vary my teaching style wherever possible because all students are different and so is the way they learn. I like to make my classroom a fun place to be as I believe that students learn best when they are enjoying themselves and feel at ease. For younger students who have very little exposure to English, I like to use the Total Physical Response method as I have found it to be a very effective method to assist in vocabulary development.

My certifications

Bachelor's degree in education 168-hour TEFL certification In addition, I have been to workshops covering the following topics: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Creating an Autism Friendly Environment Troubled Children Assisting Traumatized Children Common Learning Barriers Mental Health and Self-Care