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Your Professional Growth Teacher

What is your super-power? Practical creativity is my talent which brings forth poise and balance in empowering others to produce results in a cool and efficient manner. I'm an entrepreneur, business owner, student of life and a fiercely loyal friend. Drawing on years of experience across 3 continents, I've carefully geared each of our courses together toward achievable reform and transformation.

Learning Professional growth with Kgosi M | Amphy

My background & experience

My life's motto is that cooperation will truly get you further ahead than competition. It's proven true thus far. My work has taken me to the depths of the Amazon jungle as the manager of a top-rate holistic wellness centre all the way into conference rooms in Asia, where we developed skills & confidence of young professionals. Now having owned & run a Conversation Marketing agency across 2 continents; while maintaining my love for travel, I've learned what it takes to develop practical systems that are designed for individual lifestyles and that consistently bring results. Engaging with professionals, students and creatives from all walks of life is fuel for my soul. And this gives me a great understanding that our individual needs are different. I look forward to hearing a snippet of your story and working with you in creating tailor-made systems that complement and enhance your life.
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My classes and teaching style

By the end of our engagement, I want you to possess extraordinary independence and self-confidence to consistently produce results in your life or work. This will depend on how you direct your mind, your will and your desires during our time together. Learning, no matter the subject matter, needs to be fun and engaging. My role is to create an environment that promotes understanding - not just superficial knowledge - through patience and active participation for your ultimate benefit.