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My name is JM Ekhteyari and I am from Afghanistan. I am a best-selling course creator and top-ranked WP website designer. I am serving as a chief operating officer for Mediatrainingworldwide and Ultamize. I am truly passionate and have proper knowledge for helping people to learn trivial soft skills, developing expertise, and improving my client's life. Due to the crisis in my country, I was unable to complete my university education. I was near to finish my degree program but due to unfortunate circumstances, I could not graduate at that time. I was an active student at the university. I was always helping my classmates to learn tricky and challenging subjects. While in school I learned programming and designing with an aim to launch my own startup. I started my work as an entrepreneur and successfully completed a large number of orders from online clients. Right now, my dream is coming true. As a result of my lifelong passion for education, I created many best-selling e-courses available on many online platforms. These courses are helping thousands of people around the globe to achieve their goals. Before offering online courses, I was teaching for three years to girls and women in NGOs to learn practical English and Computer skills. Dedicated to education, learning, and online services, I am enthusiastic about creating online courses and online services that change people's lives. I am curious and bold enough to explore new horizons. My mission is to do my best in education and serve humanity. I have observed significant benefits in implementing wellness measures in my life, including mediation and home exercise. For more information about myself and my work, check out my website or join me here.

My background & experience

Best-selling Course Creator, Media Trainer, Educator

My classes and teaching style

My classes and teaching style are based on the latest research and brain-based.

My certifications

Google Educator Certified