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Your Teacher

Mostly known for my recurring role in ABC’s What Would You Do?! with John Quinones. She has been seen in tv, film & commercials for Target, Olay, Estee Lauder, Uber, and AT&T. I know what it's like to start a career from scratch in this industry and I just want to help make it a little bit easier! It's my mission to tear down the industry barriers that stay in the way of an actor following their dreams. When I was younger, my mom knew I was talented and we spent so much time and money on trying to find the right path. I work with tons of actors trying to get their footing in the Industry working hard to understand how this industry works. I truly believe, not knowing the industry or having to deal with a learning curve, should not be a reason to not follow their dreams.

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My background & experience

Big NYC Acting Schools; Actor's Connection, T. Schreiber & Denise Simon Coaching. What about marketing? I've been on the instructional team for a digital marketing program at Columbia University.
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My classes and teaching style

My first teaching experience was teaching pre-k, I fell in love with the idea of communicating large concepts in simple, fun ways. With a dash of no-nonsense and touch love <3