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Your Teacher

Hello I am Jaime, a Professional Home Organizer and here to teach you how to turn chaotic clutter into calm.

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My background & experience

Hello fellow busy working professional, student, husband, wife, Mom, Dad, and lover of all things organization, I am one of you. Trust me when I say I know first hand what it’s like to come home from your busy day and feel so overwhelmed with stress and clutter that you don’t even know where to begin - we’ve all been there! Having a background in Interior Design and working in Property Management since 2006 I’ve seen a lot of homes and would always fantasize how I would design, organize and live in these spaces myself - and clients started listening to my ideas. When living in one of the priciest cities in Canada, working with the space you currently have can be challenging, but absolutely achievable. Whether it’s revamping your storage areas, setting up your new baby’s nursery, or starting from scratch after moving into a new place, my approach to tackling clutter and getting organized is to look at your home as one Big Picture - it doesn’t matter if yours is over 5000 or just 500 square feet! I’m thankful I have found my true passion in organization, and hope I can help calm the chaos to bring a little serenity into your home too.
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My classes and teaching style

This is a dialogue vs a monologue atmosphere - grab your coffee or beverage of choice, and take on a Home Organization project with my support and encouragement along the way.