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Your Online Teaching Teacher

I am very passionate to teach children as I want to give my knowledge to them. I love kids and I have one year of experience in teaching. I have done Master's in Pharmaceutics. My key subjects are Science, Biology( higher level).

My background & experience

Hi. My name is Himani and my native place is India. I came to Canada 5 years ago and got my PR last year. I have a 4 and a half year old son. I love teaching kids and I have one year of experience of teaching in Private college. Regarding my Educational background, I have done Master's in Pharmacy and recently I completed my Educational Assistant program from Western Community College, Surrey. I did one month practicum in Elementary School here and it gives me happiness to teach something new to my students.

My classes and teaching style

I believe that teaching is taught to be little in fun style. When I was a kid, we always thought that study are meant for just reading and writing whatever was taught in class. There was no practical knowledge. In today World, I think practical knowledge is important and I will include this in my teaching styles. Apart from that some fun activities I would include that is Art, dance and these are important as a student remembers what kind of activity he does it related to his work.

My certifications

Master's in Pharmacy, 2012 Bachelor's in Pharmacy,2012 Diploma in Education Assistant, 2021 High School- St. Theresa's Convent School, 2006