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Your American Sign Language Teacher

You know those cheesy movies where the stars suddenly align, the heavens open and angels sing, "all is right in the world?" That is how I felt when I discovered American Sign Language almost 10 years ago at my local community college. I graduated from Brigham Young University majoring in Special Childhood education and for the past year, I have been teaching students ranging from 6-33! Whether you want to learn how to introduce yourself, better communicate with your little one, or learn to sign your favorite song, I want to help you achieve that and fall in love with this beautiful language that stole my heart all those years ago. Hope to see you soon!

Learning American sign language with Heather C | Amphy

My background & experience

I have been teaching Sign Language ages 6-33 on zoom for the past year and have absolutely loved it! Especially when my students send me messages about how they are connecting with the deaf community, or teaching their classmates how to sign the pledge of allegiance. Have I mentioned I love what I do?
Zoom American sign language with Heather C | Amphy

My classes and teaching style

My classes will range from beginner to intermediate with a specialized course for kids!

My certifications

Graduate from Brigham Young University Idaho where I majored in Special Childhood Education. I have been teaching sign online for the past year.