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Your Italian Teacher

Hey there! My name is Giada and welcome to my cooking profile. I am an Italian food blogger and the founder of My Italian Flavors, a small service company that started from a food blog and a social page @myitalianflavors. I am 100% Italian, but I left Italy a few years ago when I moved to Israel. Now I live in Tel Aviv with my husband and my sweet little boy. I like cooking mainly because it’s the process that brings me closer to the part that I really enjoy the most: the food tasting! So, if you also love eating good food and you are ready to cook as an Italian, you can start checking my Classes to get a taste of what is coming for you :) Hope to see you soon! Ciao, Giada

Learning Italian with Giada C | Amphy

My background & experience

I am not a chef, but you can count on my lifetime experience as a sous chef for my Italian grandma. She isn’t Gordon Ramsay, but trust me that in her kitchen she’s always been a strict teacher and really talented one. I learned most of my best recipes from her and my mother, developing my own taste and my own style.
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My classes and teaching style

I want you to have fun! What you should remember from this experience is that the food you made was great and that you had fun. Since the classes will be live on zoom I will have a very friendly approach and I hope that you will feel comfortable enough to ask me as many questions as you wish. Also, If checking my available classes you will not find something that fits you, feel free to check my instagram page @myitalianflavors and request a Private Tailor Made Class just for you!

My student reviews

  • Majid M

    Giada is a great friendly teacher. she explains everything perfectly and smoothly! you will enjoy spending your time with her and learn to cook some delicious Italian dishes.

    5 out of 5