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Your Life Coaching Teacher

My background & experience

I am Galia - a London-based mental health practitioner specialising in clinical hypnotherapy, regression, counselling, addiction neuroscience and recovery therapy, inner child healing and trauma-based therapy. I am a professional member of the British Neuroscience Association, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, and American Hypnosis Association. I myself am a Buddhist and mindfulness, meditation and psychotherapy have helped me to maintain my own mental health growing into a confident and successful woman. After nine years of professional practise I have empowered hundreds of people to explore their inner landscape, achieve self-awareness, and live happily in good health.

My classes and teaching style

In our work together I will help you to gain an eye-opening understanding of your brain behaviour relationship and take steps you need to transform toxic feelings and emotions into positive thoughts, discovering a new joy for life and your personal journey ahead.

My certifications

Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy Counselling for depression Addiction Neuroscience and Recovery Therapy