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Ι am a Greek native speaker and I hold a bachelor's degree in Greek Language and Literature (University of Crete, Greece) and a masters in Language Studies (Lancaster, UK). I have been working as a tutor of the Greek language for about 15 years and have been teaching students of all ages.

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My background & experience

I have been teaching Greek as a Foreign or Second Language since I moved to UK (7 years ago). I am currently teaching adults at the International House of London, at Aspire Sussex Adult Education Centre, and at the Alexandria Institute in Athens. I also work as a teacher at the Greek School in Brighton. I am also the owner of the private tuition centre. I deliver one to one lessons and group lessons face to face and online, which help the students to develop communicative skills, reading and writing. Through my experience, I have developed my teaching techniques and I am able to adapt them to suit all students' needs.
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My classes and teaching style

I have worked in various settings and managed to develop schemes of work and lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives. My experience can be summarised in the following: - Teaching children and adults Greek as a foreign or second language (one-to-one, group lessons, face-to-face and online lessons) - Teaching Greek as a Foreign Language at the International House of London and at the Alexandria Institute in Athens - Teaching Ancient Greek, Modern Greek and Greek Mythology in Aspire Sussex Adult Education Centre - Teaching Greek language and Culture at the Brighton Greek School - Teaching university students in groups and in private lessons (Ancient Greek language and literature, Latin, Modern Greek Language and literature, History, Philosophy, Ancient Drama, English) I am always open to my pupils' suggestions and I try to organise the learning session, according to their own needs and level. My lessons are always well structured according to my students' needs and expectations. Listening/speaking and reading/writing skills are developed through an interactive, productive and pleasant way. I use as much material as I can, in order to make the lesson enjoyable and interesting. I tend to emphasise on details, which can be helpful for people who seriously want to get involved with Greek. I try to speak Greek as much as possible, during the classes, because I believe it is the most effective way for someone to learn Greek easily and fastly, even if they don't speak a single word before the classes. In the end, I believe in the interaction between tutor and student. Learning is a dynamic and experientlal procedure for both of them. I have a very caring approach with all my students and I often discuss their progress with them and set new targets and challenges.

My certifications

Bachelor Degree in Greek Language and Literature Master Degree in Language Studies