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Your Teacher

My name is Esty, I am from South Africa and I am a beauty therapist. I've always had a love for creativity and helping people feel beautiful. I also love getting to know people and sharing my knowledge. I believe that we all should appreciate oursleves for who we are and learn to take care of oursleves through healthy lifestyles, good skincare and expressing our personalities by our makeup application and nail sets.

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My background & experience

I studied nail and beauty technology at Camelot International and then opened my business called Easy Beauty at the end of 2018 where I've been doing makeup, waxing, massage, manicure/pedicure nail applications, and facials . I have experience in teaching personalized makeup to those who want to learn what to do for their skin type, facial structure and skin tone aswell as extra lessons to beauty college students.
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My classes and teaching style

My classes are designed to make beauty approachable, easy and exciting. Anyone and everyone can and should feel beautiful and healthy. my classes cater for all levels depending on the class. They consist of makeup application for all types, healthy skincare, aromatherapy, waxing, nail application and art and anything apon request

My certifications

SAAHSP and ITEC certified in •skincare •makeup application •nail technology •swedish massage •waxing •manicure and pedicure

My student reviews

  • Juliette B

    Esty was great! She clearly explained all the different facial structures and how to accentuate them for the desired look. Etsy even gave some personalized suggestions. I am excited to begin contouring and look forward to taking more of Esty’s classes!

    5 out of 5