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A native speaker of Eastern Armenian born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. I am a professional certified teacher of English and Armenian. For the past 5 years I've been teaching Armenian and English to students of different ages, levels and backgrounds, which has given me a better perspective to the approach of language teaching. Apart from being a teacher, I am also an intense language learner. Besides English and Armenian, I speak Spanish, Russian, a little Greek. Being also a learner has helped me understand the struggles and difficulties one can experience during language acquisition and bring them to a minimum. My lessons are organized according to my students' needs and preferences related to the learning pace, lesson content and structure.

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My background & experience

I have a Master's degree in Applied linguistics and a Bachelor's in English Philology. Having had 5 years' experience in teaching and having worked with both absolute beginners and people with a high level of knowledge, I have gained a better understanding of what methodologies or teaching techniques to choose to get the best out of a lesson by improving the learners' speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar and other language skills. I find that the combination of traditional and modern techniques is the key to reaching the goal of language learning! My classes include a variety of engaging and fun speaking activities combined with grammar/vocabulary drills and exercises. I believe one can never forget what they do with pleasure, so I make sure my classes are always enjoyable, besides being informative and productive!
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My classes and teaching style

In my classes I combine the traditional teaching methods (grammar-based) with modern techniques (more attention to speaking), as one is insufficient without the other. I also find it very important to make the lesson interesting and enjoyable. I often organize debates, discussions and various games to make the lesson more interesting, fun and at the same time effective by boosting my students' speaking skills and comprehension.

My certifications

2019 - Diploma in Philology: Applied Linguistics; Master's degree 2017 - Diploma in English Philology; Qualification of a teacher; Bachelor's degree