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Your Teacher

Chef Edie is a former picky eater turned cooking coach. She considers the kitchen her playground and invites everyone to come play with food.

My background & experience

Chef Edie was one of the first food bloggers of the Netherlands, attended culinary school to spice up her cooking and to learn all is possible. Then she started to teach all the fun and interesting things she learned to others. After moving to California, she started to mentor people looking for a lifestyle change, spending more time in the kitchen. Chef Edie loves cooking with vegetables, and gets her inspiration from all over the world, the Mediterranean area in particular. She is a curious omnivore and hates to waste food.

My classes and teaching style

Chef Edie wants everyone to have fun in the kitchen. Her classes are always interactive, encouraging and a ton of fun. Learning how to cook is all about finding out what you like to eat best. Different preparations change the way something tastes a lot, so let's find out what you like!

My certifications

culinary school