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Your Teacher

I come from the Chassidic community of Antwerp, Belgium. I moved to Jerusalem to learn Torah from my Rebbi. I perform and teach music. Music is my language, and so is Yiddish.

My background & experience

Yiddish is my mother tongue, Yiddish is my soul. Music: I've studied with the best, trained myself with a lot of self-discipline, and teach others the same way I taught myself. I am the acting Music Director of the Ohalecha center for arts and events in Jerusalem, where I provide concerts and music education.

My classes and teaching style

I help people develop their relationship to music, to hear, to understand, to sing, to play, to compose... I've been blessed with a deeply musical ear which helped me advance very quickly, and I try to help others develop those hearing abilities which transform the way you perceive and produce music. As for Yiddish, I grew up speaking nothing but Yiddish. I've absorbed and lived it, more than that, I am it.

My certifications

Royal conservatory of Antwerp Royal conservatory of Ghent Jerusalem academy of music

My student reviews

  • Omri B

    Just took my first Yiddish with David, it was great! It’s amazing to find a true Yiddish native speaker nowadays. Shkoyach David!

    5 out of 5