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My name is Dr. Dani Lai, NP. I am passionate about helping people to take charge of their health and life. I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. I speak Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese in addition to English. I received my 4-year BSN, master, and doctorate degrees in Wisconsin, United States. My husband and I live in central Wisconsin with our 3 beautiful children who are bilingual and Suzuki music students outside of their school time. I enjoy coffee, tea, reading, pilates, yoga, hiking, family traveling, cooking, and baking.

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My background & experience

Dr. Dani Lai, family practice nurse practitioner. I have been practicing in women's health for the last 14 years and enjoy every minute of it. Empowering people to put their health as a priority and take charge of themselves is my passion. I have a heavy focus in preventive care, mental health, and healthy weight loss/management. In addition to my clinical practice, I started the weight management program in my clinical practice and a skincare business 4 years ago. I have received continued education through Obesity Medicine Association and ongoing skincare business training as well. I have seen people struggled emotionally and physically because of being overweight. I also have seen people struggle with their confidence because of skin concerns. My clinical and business experiences allow me to work with them and help them solve their concerns. I have been able to help women and men, from teens to the elderly, find their health including skin health, confidence, joy, and purpose through my clinical practice and my business.
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My classes and teaching style

Two types of classes can be found, group and private. I will offer healthy weight loss/healthy living with mindset coaching and skincare classes. I believe in empowering and coaching methods which means we will be working as a team. Classes will be interactive with visual aids as needed. Healthy weight loss/healthy living and skincare are very individualized. I am here to help you walk through your own journey and reach your goals.

My certifications

Registered Nurse Family Practice Nurse Practitioner Obesity Medicine Association

My student reviews

  • Selina S

    The class was amazing and Dani has a lovely personality. She answered any questions I had in a detailed but understandable way. I learned about things that I didn't know before or didn't do. I am definitely gonna take this lesson and make changes to mantain healthy skin. A wonderful experience.

    5 out of 5

  • Autumn W

    I learned a lot about sun-protection from Dani. I had a ton of questions for her, and she kindly answered those. Now that I have more knowledge, I will definitely be able to be more careful about how I protect my skin and eyes. Thank you Dani!

    5 out of 5