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Your Stock Investment Teacher

I have travelled to over 30 countries and enjoy experiencing different cultures. I completed undergrad at Cornell University and am presently a medical student. I also speak Spanish fluently though imperfectly, and am glad to offer classes in español! Yoga and gardening are my other passions.

Learning Stock investment with Dan N | Amphy

My background & experience

I have been trading equities, futures and options since 2007 and have experience through many bullish and bearish cycles, including corrections and crashes. My percent return for 2020 was over 100% and for 2021 is presently over 50%.
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My classes and teaching style

Teaching comes naturally to me and I have tutored challenging subjects as a teaching assistant, leading large classrooms. I enjoy breaking down complex concepts into digestible pieces, and do my best to promote a comfortable learning experience. I start each session identifying topics of particular interest to you, and focus on making the most of your time. Every step of the way I am carefully observing perceptions of students and finding ways to reinforce understanding with clear analogies, memory aids and real-world examples. I promote a comfortable learning experience, and have taught students from a wide range of backgrounds. You can learn anything with the motivation! EXCHANGE OFFER! If you have experience with graphic design, I would love to exchange classes for your assistance with designing some images for my classes :) :) :)

My student reviews

  • Itamar D

    Amazing experience, very attentive throughout and always making sure you are on track and not getting lost. Very knowledgeable and have a great passion for investing which is the most important thing from a teacher. Would HIGHLY recommend, 10\10.

    5 out of 5

  • Smitha E

    I had a great Options session with Dan. Dan is very attentive to what I want to learn from this options and delivered more than just what I was asking for. He is very very patient and explained the terminology and concepts in a very relatable way. I would be coming back for more for sure.

    5 out of 5

  • Natalie L

    Dan was kind and patient in explaining the complex yet very interesting world of Options. His easy, laid-back yet passionate approach helped immensely in helping me to grasp the most minute to the most intricate of details.

    5 out of 5

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