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Hi there! My name is Clara and I'm a personal trainer based in London. I’ve always been obsessed with sports – I cycle, run, play table tennis and snowboard. My two biggest passions, however, have always been horse riding (I previously worked as a horse riding instructor) and, of course, fitness. After a few years in the communications sector, I realised that this was not the right career path for me. I needed a more active job, a job where I could directly engage with people on a daily basis and make a real difference to their lives. Becoming a personal trainer was therefore a natural step for me. I wanted to learn more about health and fitness, share my knowledge of fitness and help others on their fitness journey.

My background & experience

Several years of experience training people online and face-to-face in the gym, at home and outdoors. I specialise in sustainable weight loss, strength training and muscle building as well as equestrian fitness. I help people achieve their fitness goals (whilst having fun!) and want to inspire a long-term love and passion for fitness in them. But it's not only that - I make it my mission to help people create sustainable fitness habits that they can rely on in the long run. I can help with: general fitness, weight loss and nutrition tips, muscle and strength gain, cardiovascular fitness, goal setting and motivation, programme design, and equestrian fitness. Check out my website for more:

My classes and teaching style

My classes and personal training sessions are designed to make you healthier, stronger and more confident! The first step is always listening to and understanding my client's goals, lifestyles and capabilities. After establishing those during an initial consultation, I develop personalised training plans that are tailored to the client's goals and background. I am always available for feedback, questions and I regularly review training plans and goals with clients to make sure they continue to work for them. Drawing on my academic background, my motto is 'no brain, no gain'. An important part for me, therefore, is to share my knowledge – whether that’s fitness and nutrition knowledge or lifestyle-related tips. I want to give people the necessary tools so that they can in the long term confidently continue their fitness journey on their own. In my classes and sessions - obviously depending on the client's goals - I like to include exercises that work on the various different components of fitness. I use a combination of weight training and body weight exercises and incorporate a variety of different training systems and methods. My classes and personal training sessions are for everyone who wants to make fitness part of their lives. I especially want to help women on their fitness journey and help them feel strong and confident!

My certifications

NCFE Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Focus Awards Level 3 Personal Trainer, BSc & MSc in History and International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

My student reviews

  • Patricia K

    Stretching with Clara this morning gave me a very good head start in my day. It was great that she was teaching from a Gym in A European Country .. I did travel on the other side of the Atlantic for 30 min this morning ! I will reschedule with Clara B.

    5 out of 5

  • Mireille N

    Clara’s Beginner Core class was amazing! She reminded me of form throughout and gave me modifications throughout if I needed them. She is super friendly, welcoming and encouraging throughout. Thanks Clara!!

    5 out of 5

  • Kaylee L

    I had such fun with Clara! She is a great instructor and highly recommended! Looking forward to our next class together!

    5 out of 5

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