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Your Fitness Training Teacher

Hello and Welcome! I'm Cherene - a Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Educator and Trainer, and founder/owner of Defy Gravity Fitness in Australia 🇦🇺 But I haven’t always been in the fitness business, and you could say I was a bit of a “late bloomer” - but I've been defying AGE, LIMITATIONS and GRAVITY for over 16 years now! It all started in 2004, when at the age of 41, my daughter and I discovered Pole Dance Fitness, which ultimately opened up a whole new career path in fitness and health, and one which I am absolutely passionate about! Over the years my interests have grown to include a number of different styles including Barre, Pilates, Suspension and Functional Fitness as well as Pole, Aerial Yoga and Bungee Fitness. In 2011 I also studied as a Holistic Health, Nutrition and Weight Loss coach & mentor, and Personal Growth/Transformation coach helping others manage stress and anxiety through diet, exercise, meditation and mindfulness. Get ready to MOVE your body, FUEL your body, and CHANGE your life!

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My background & experience

Since 2005, I have been running my own dance/fitness studios here in Australia including Pol-arise Fitness & Dance and now - Defy Gravity Fitness. I help people change their life and discover a fitter, healthier lifestyle with my MOVE you body, FUEL your body programs designed for people of ALL ages, sizes and fitness abilities! Workout like never before, building strength, flexibility and confidence while achieving feats you never thought possible. You can find out more about me and what I offer here >>
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My classes and teaching style

My teaching style is relaxed, casual and friendly (I'm an Aussie after all) - but don't be classes are all about the QUALITY of the workout - not the QUANTITY of workouts, and you'll find my classes & training are dynamic, time efficient, super effective and highly addictive! Whether you're tired of the same old boring workout routine or just getting started, I offer FUN new solutions to get fit in the comfort and privacy of your own space with my exclusive: * Power Barre / Pilates * Functional Strength & Conditioning * Stretch, Flex & Breath classes * 1:1 Private Training , and * Personal Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching I offer classes, courses and workshops for absolute beginners who don't know where/how to start, as well as more seasoned exercisers alike, and my aim is for you to leave our sessions together feeling inspired, invigorated, fully supported and motivated - and ready to tackle what ever life brings. Be sure to check out what I have coming up here on Amphy! COMING SOON... My 56 Day Reboot Nutrition & Lifestyle program delivered as a LIVE 8 Week Group Coaching & Workout class. If you're looking to lose weight and/or get in shape, THIS is the program you've been waiting for!

My certifications

Group Fitness, Pole Dance Master Trainer, Barre/Pilates, Bungee, Suspension & Functional Fitness, Aerial Yoga, and Nutrition & Health.

My student reviews

  • Brett B

    Definitely a 5-star experience. Cherene teachers in a friendly and personal manner. The exercises are explained easily and she gives individual attention to all. A couple of sessions each week with Cherene would be as good as having a Personal Trainer. A small investment in the future you. Highly recommended.

    5 out of 5

  • Brett B

    It was a wonderful workshop. Cherene is a very knowledgeable and pleasant educator. Highly recommended. An investment in your future.

    5 out of 5