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Your Teacher

I am a Entrepreneur, passionate learner and teacher, professional artist, freelance designer, writer and author, holding a degree in dentistry, philanthropist, researcher and currently working as an administrator and marketing manager.

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My background & experience

Worked as a dentist, volunteered/volunteering in health and related services, teaching for 7+ years, editor and writer both as a freelancer and for myself.
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My classes and teaching style

I teach what I know and what I am confident at. I have kept my foot into many fields and have learnt a lot. I have experience in various subjects and I would love to share my knowledge for a low cost.

My certifications

Bachelors in Dentistry, Certificate in Health Informatics, TEFL, TCPS - 2, NCCHPP - Public policy, Facebook, Instagram and Google marketing certificates, Essential Oils - Introduction to Essential oils (Aromahead and Doterra)