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Made in Ireland, living in Canada. Food & drink is my passion and I have been working in the industry since my teen's. I have been working and living in Canada for 5 years now and love it here. I work with a global spirits company in Toronto and look after a number of awesome alcohol brands. Spirits is my number one passion and I have a big appetite for learning how to make great drinks and telling the stories behind them.

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My background & experience

My job has allowed me to interact and learn from the best mixologists around the world, and I would love to pass some of that on to you. My specialty is Gin and Whiskey and I have vast experience teaching people on these spirits. I have been running staff trainings, seminars, masterclasses for 6 years and love making drinks and posting them on my cocktails.with.character Instagram page. I also works with bars and restaurants creating drinks list's and cocktail menu's.
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My classes and teaching style

It will be a fun and interactive class leaving you with all the tools to impress your friends by making their favorite cocktails that usually can only have while at their local cocktail bar. I will also dive deep into the history of these spirits. No experience is required for this class, you will leave being able to make delicious drinks.

My certifications

I have a distinction in WSET level 2 in Spirits

My student reviews

  • Stephen D

    Awesome class, loved it

    5 out of 5

  • Masa T

    It was an awesome class. Again he went over to the histories and anecdotes of the cocktails. This time we went to the Irish (and Scotch) traditions. I loved the time in this web lecture.

    5 out of 5

  • Masa T

    He is awesome. Went over to the Gin history. I love his class. I want to take another.

    5 out of 5

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