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Your Leadership Teacher

Hello! My name is Barbara. I am a Human Catalyst. My purpose in life is to help you harness and control the power you already within, to live a life of and on purpose. And where you may not be sure of your purpose, I help you figure it out. In addition, I work with entrepreneurs, business owners & leaders, helping them sharpen their conscious leadership skills for high performance, impact and return on investment. I can't wait to be of service to your growth!

My background & experience

I am a multi-passionate coach with a love of science and other subject areas that provide clear and tangible evidence to activities, thoughts and actions that accelerate and sustain personal, professional and business growth. My background includes, but is not limited to Psychology, Socio-cultural and Medical Anthropology, Neuroscience-based coaching, Consciousness and Spiritualism. I am big on mindfulness, love running and meditation, contemplation and self expansion. I am also a yoga instructor, so grateful for the union of the mind, body and spirit that the discipline provides. As a Speaker and an author of 2 books, plus more than 40 articles on platforms like LinkedIn, I love to share, teach and showcase how we can design and live the lives we want, need and deserve.

My classes and teaching style

My classes are engaging, interactive and transformative, with you at the center of it all. You are my purpose. As a human catalyst my role is to help you elevate your purpose in all and any area of your life. Using the scientifically backed processes and activities, I will help you thrive and flourish in whichever area we will be working on together.

My certifications

Neuroscience-based coaching Masters in Medical Anthropology Honors in Sociocultural Anthropology BA in Health & Community Psychology Yoga Instructor

My student reviews

  • Kylie H

    such an awesome teacher and guide!

    5 out of 5