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Your Languages Teacher

I'm Andrés, a native Spanish speaker, I live in Colombia. I love the languages and cultures around the world. I'm an English, Spanish and French teacher. I want to support you in your process to learn and boost your level in any of these languages.

Learning Languages with Andrés H | Amphy

My background & experience

I'm a certified language teacher and I've been teaching English, Spanish and French for 3 years in Colombia. I've worked in a school and in an institute helping students in their learning process. I've also had the opportunity to teach both, face-to-face and virtual classes.
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My classes and teaching style

As a student and now as language teacher I know the challenges of learning a new language. If you want to increase, practice your language, I'd be willing to help you in that process. In my classes you can learn vocabulary, grammar structures, use of the language in contexts of everyday life, you can practice through music, videos and cultural classes in order to learn more about the language of your interest.

My certifications

Certified Language Teacher (English, Spanish and French) Libre University, Bogotá - Colombia. Certificate IOA (International Open Academy) Teaching English Online Course

My student reviews

  • Alweena K

    Went over the teacher's background, his experience and then moved to my past experiences, level of understanding, goals and reason for learning the language. Then shifted to basics and then common salutations and sentences & words used in everyday life. Then we shifted to sentences and had two activities to have basic conversations towards the end. He kept asking about feedback and if I had any questions which was very good. It was very easy to ask him questions and he repeated and made sure I understood as many times as I asked him to explain. Overall, would definitely recommend him.

    5 out of 5

  • Ilia P

    Great session with Andrés! We spoke the whole lesson in French. Andrés was extremely patient and kind despite my limited language skills. He answered my questions about Colombia and gave me some valuable advice. All in all, it was an outstanding experience!

    5 out of 5